Working within very tough dynamic start-ups in Fintech and Law-firms has instilled in me a level of discipline which allows me to perform at the highest level.

I am fortunate to have come from a long line of well-established artists. I have received academic training from a young age and the many lessons and debates on art and art theory over the years have formed an extensive knowledge and understanding on the subject that is demonstrated in my work and in my presentations to stakeholders, clients and design teams in general.

My unique background in art and design has enabled me to attain several, yet well-honed artistic abilities over the years like drawing, painting, sculpting and photography at an academic level which are incorporated at every level in digital design.

I am very efficient and productive in diverse environments under constant pressure. I enjoy leading a team and mentoring aspiring designers in their journey. I always step outside of my comfort zone and learn new skills in order to provide solutions. I consider myself a constant learner.

My mission is to apply both established and emerging UX/UI principles and methodologies at every stage of a project to make sure user-focused, human-centred concepts and solutions are delivered.



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Feel free to contact me if you wish to know more about my work.

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